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The nuclear physics library for astrophysical research that can be accessed here is called STARLIB, which is described in detail in this publication. STARLIB has a number of unique features: (i) it is a tabular library listing reaction rates (cm3mol-1s-1) and decay (s-1) constants on a grid of temperatures between 1 MK and 10 GK; (ii) it incorporates a recent evaluation of Monte Carlo based thermonuclear reaction rates; (iii) it provides at each temperature, in addition to a recommended reaction rate or decay constant, the associated factor uncertainty and probability density function. You can download the entire library or a subset thereof, or you can simply look up the rates for a given nuclear process. The heaviest nuclide contained in the present version of STARLIBv01 is 180Xe.

Display Individual Rate

Using the menus below, you may display the rate for a specified reaction and cut/paste the results into an editor. Click on here or below for examples of format (multiple clicks give additional examples). Only initial and final nuclides should be considered, while omitting electrons and gamma rays, if using the format on the left. The format in the middle allows the input of the reaction type with the initial nuclide. The far right format is for beta decays, exclusively. For the special case of 26Al, the format "al26", "al*6", "al-6", "al01", "al02", and "al03" must be used (see Details). In addition, the source of the rates and the Q value used will be displayed (see Details). Special reactions (for example, those including four final nuclei in the exit channel) can be chosen from the drop-down menu. Past STARLIB versions (when available) may also be chosen.

 Interacting Nuclei
Nuclide i 1:
Nuclide i 2: [if applicable]
Nuclide i 3: [if applicable]

 Product Nuclei
Nuclide f 1:
Nuclide f 2: [if applicable]
Nuclide f 3: [if applicable]



Nuclei Format 26Al Reactions
p h1 1h   al26 al*6 x,y
d h2 2h   al-6 al01 (x,y)
t h3 3h   al02 al03  
a he4 4he        
n n1 1n        
- na22 22na        

Download Library

To download the entire library, chose a STARLIB version above and click submit.

To download a subset of STARLIB with the version selected above, type or copy/paste the list of nuclides in your desired nuclear network in the box to the right. The nuclide name must list either the chemical symbol first (lower case or upper case), followed by the mass number (no spaces), or vice versa. After submitting the list, your download will start automatically. The list of nuclides presented below is a predefined example. Alignment of the list is unimportant, as long as each nuclide is on a separate line. Loading time depends on the length of the list.



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