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The calculation of thermonuclear reaction rates is a complicated and involved process. General information on reaction rates can be found in a recent textbook. The rates are calculated according to a method described here. In brief, each nuclear physics input quantity has an assigned probability density function. A code, called "RatesMC", samples these functions randomly many times using a Monte Carlo algorithm, and outputs reaction rates and associated rate probability densities. More information can be found under Details. Running this code on our server requires registering and logging into our site, though input files are freely available.

If you would like to compute reaction rates with the code "RatesMC", you need to supply an input file that contains the nuclear physics input [that is, quantities such as resonance energies and strengths, non-resonant S-factors, partial widths, upper limits, and so on]. The input file must be in the same format as those published here and here. That paper also explains the input file format.

~ Starting the MC Simulation ~

Display Default Input Files

To run the Monte Carlo simulation on our STARLIB server, copy/paste the input file for your desired reaction into the box below. The format of the input file is very important, so it will be easier for you to edit an existing input file (based on our evaluation). You can access the appropriate file for your desired reaction by using the submission boxes (see RateLibrary or click for explanation of input formats). It is assumed that all nuclides are in their ground states. For special cases, metastable states can be chosen (see Details). The input file will appear in the box below and may be copied/pasted into a text editor. As an example, the input file for the 22Na(p,g)23Mg reaction is shown below.

 Interacting Nuclei
Nuclide i 1:
Nuclide i 2: [if applicable]

 Product Nuclei
Nuclide f 1:
Nuclide f 2: [if applicable]
Metastable state [25Mg(p,g)]
Total [25Mg(p,g)]

Metastable state [25Mg(p,g)]
Total [25Mg(p,g)]

Sample input file for 22Na(p,g)23Mg :

Run MC Simulation

For access to our server, users must first register their email address using the 'Register' button above.

To run the simulation with the above input file, then enter your email address/password and click the button below. After submitting the input file to the server and the simulation is completed, you will be taken to a page where you may download your output files. Calculation time depends on the number of resonances and how many of these you wish to integrate numerically: if none of the resonances are integrated numerically, the running time amounts to a few seconds only; for a (p,g) reaction, using 5000 samples, the running time is approximately 1 hour for each integrated resonance. Resonances in which a particle is emitted, such as (p,a), generally take longer to integrate. You will also be notified via email when your simulation is finished.

Email           Password

~ Monitoring the MC Simulation ~

Access Output Files

To monitor your simulations, abort simulations, and download output files, enter the email address you used to begin your simulations.

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